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I See So Much More!

When she sings to loud, I wish they knew how much I prayed to hear that voice when she was younger. That dance she does when she’s supposed to be sitting, well, I remember when she wouldn’t dance and she just sat in a corner. You see some of the things that are disruptions at school or in therapy, just might be the things us parents have prayed to be able to see our kids do.

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Listen With Your Eyes

So many times as a special needs parent we want to hear our child’s voice. What will it sound like? What will they say? But after waiting so many years to hear our daughter’s voice, I realized this momma wanted more. I want to “hear” what she wants to tell me! I want to hear what color of popsicle she wants. I want to hear her tell me she wants to go somewhere and oh my goodness, I want to hear her say “I Love You!”.

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